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Covid-19 Prevention Plan

We are committed to providing a clean and safe and safe environment for our guests, therefore we want to share with you all the steps we are taking to protect you:

We are asking all guests to confirm in writing 24 hours before their stay that no one in their party has any symptoms of illness. We will also ask guests to confirm upon leaving that no one has been ill during their stay. For the sake of everyone’s health, we ask that you answer these questions honestly.

We offer remote check-in and check-out. After you have confirmed in writing that no one in your party has symptoms of illness we we will send you a code to enter using the smart lock we have installed on our front door. You will not need to handle or exchange keys to enter.

We are installing a dispenser with hand sanitizer just inside our entryway.

Our house is cleaned by a highly-experienced, professional cleaner, who has been cleaning cabins in the Arnold area for more than 20 years. We are taking the following steps to protect our cleaner's health and safety:

  • We are blocking a minimum of 1 night between guests to allow for extra cleaning and full airing of the cabin. Please do your part by checking out no later than 11 am on your departure day!

  • We are providing our cleaner a with personal protective gear -- vinyl gloves, masks and appropriate cleaning solutions.

  • If our cleaner has any symptoms of illness, and she will notify us and we will find a substitute cleaner.

Linen service is optional. If you prefer to bring your own sheets, towels and bedding, we will refund $100. We have purchased new white cotton blankets and top sheets so that we can wash and sanitize all bedding between guests. (We usually keep heavy cotton coverlets on each bed, but reluctantly concluded that it would be impossible to launder all bedspreads after each guest stay.)

If you choose to use our linens, we will wash all sheets and towels in hot water with bleach, and beach towels will be washed in hot water. (We are providing only enough sheets, towels, blankets, bedspreads, pillows, etc., for the number of guests staying. This is so we have enough linens to rotate a fresh laundered set for each guest. If you require more, please let us know and we will provide extras.)

We generally keep throw blankets and extra bed blankets out for guest use, but because we must wash each and every item between guests, we are now storing these in a large plastic bin in our laundry room to minimize the amount of laundry. If you are cold, by all means feel free to use the extra throws and blankets, but as a courtesy to the next guest, please leave them out so that Melissa knows they need to laundered.

We are using EPA-approved solutions to clean and disinfect every hard surface between guests, including countertops, small appliances (toaster, coffee pot, etc.), appliance handles, faucets, doorknobs, lightswitches and railings, TV remotes, toilets and showers/bathtub.

We are sanitizing dishes and silverware after each guest. Please do your part by washing all items you have used in the dishware before your departure.

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